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Consor Operating Philosophy

   You are known by the company you keep

   Honesty and ethics come first and foremost

   We believe in meritocracy and that we need to earn our reputations with hard work and real results on every project

   We are entrepreneurs and have tremendous respect for other entrepreneurs and operators of businesses

   We are constantly humbled by how hard it is to build a sustainable quality business, but those are the only businesses that interest us

   We are motivated by a passion for what we do and think that this is an irreplaceable ingredient in determining the success of our projects

   Working on terrific projects can be great fun

"Men exchange their work by free, mutual consent to mutual advantage when their personal interests agree and they both desire the exchange. If they do not desire it, they are not forced to deal with each other. They seek further. This is the only possible form of relationship between equals." - Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

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